Certified Organic

NASAA Certified Organic Logo
NASAA Certified Organic Logo

Organic Times is 100% Certified Organic

Since establishing our business in 1999, we have been committed to producing products that are organic, high quality, tasty, sustainable and ethical. Being certified organic allows our practices and processes to be checked and scrutinized by an independent body. Our certification gives us the confidence that we are providing organic products to world with integrity. Putting the NASAA certification mark on our packaging enables consumers to buy with the knowledge that Organic Times complies with strict Organic Standards. Certification is also important to us because we believe it adds another step in the chain. This third party authority sign-off provides extra assurance and peace of mind that our organic ingredients are produced and grown without the use of nasties. Nasties such as herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, chemicals, hormones, genetically modified organisms and frighteningly more……

Organic Standards

Basically NASAA has a set of rules and regulations, which is called Organic Standards, This is a handbook for operating under certification. It includes labelling requirements, list of prohibited products etc.

Annually we are required to complete an Operational Handling Plan (OHP). An OHP outlines our processes and activities ensuring we adhere to the NASAA Organic Standards. This also includes a physical inspection of the operations and products and an audit on ongoing records on inputs vs outputs of all certified ingredients. As well, there is ongoing record keeping and compliance data to provide throughout the year. Any new ingredients introduced must be pre-approved by NASAA, and any new recipes or packaging using the NASAA  logo also needs to be approved. NASAA periodically runs test product on the retail shelves.

NASAA certification also provides its operators with other resources to help with our business. Such as keeping us informed with relevant issues etc. Refer to their website for more info.

Organic Farming

Mono-cropping is the practice of planting large plots of land, year after year, with the same crop. This practice leaves the soil lacking in natural minerals and nutrients, as there is no natural diversity of plant life. To make up for this, chemical fertilisers are used. Ironically, crops are also more susceptible to pests, making farmers more reliant on pesticides. These chemicals are ingested by you, the farmers who mange the crops, and the hazardous environmental effects they’re instrumental in.

In fact, cacao trees grown in open crops are known to be one of the most highly sprayed crops, as they’re very susceptible to pests. However, organic cacao trees are grown using no chemicals, within their natural ecosystem. Organic farming begins with the nourishing of the soil which then leads to the nourishment of the plant and ultimately the flavour and goodness of the food. Natural growing conditions promotes biodiversity and decreases the incidence of disease.

Food choices you make now will impact on future generations’ health. View our range of organic chocolates, cookies, pantry ingredients and more here.

“We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.” 

Lester Brown