Our Story

When you think Organic Times, think certified organic and delicious! 

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Organic Times is here to offer you the most delicious, all-natural treats and pantry that are ethically made from premium organic ingredients.

Organic Times is an Australian-owned ethically-driven business based in Melbourne, Victoria. We bring you the best in certified organic products since 1999, including:

  • Fair-trade couverture chocolate
  • Artisan hand-made cookies
  • Feel-good confectionery
  • Ethically-sourced pantry staples
  • Grass-fed butter, ghee and milk powder

We focus on creating and providing really delicious products you can trust are ethically sourced using quality, natural ingredients.

Organic Times array of pantry items, chocolate and cookie products

Organic certification ensures our products are grown and produced without synthetic chemicals (such as artificial pesticides and fertilisers), no use of GMOs, or exposure to irradiation. Animal welfare and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Know that when you are choosing Organic Times, you will receive premium products that we stand by and love. Our 100% certified organic products are crafted using only the finest ingredients, made without palm-oil and hand-packed by our team with care.

Organic Times array of chocolate medley gift boxes

Organic Times is for the ethically and environmentally conscious consumer. People and businesses who seek great tasting wholesome products that don’t compromise their health or our planet.

We source Australian and international organic ingredients from ethical farmers and producers. We all share the same standards and ethos. We’ve established lasting relationships over time with hard-work, respect and loyalty.

Supported by our team of dedicated and customer-focused staff, our operations include: manufacturing, contract manufacturing, ingredient sourcing, wholesale distribution and an online store.  

Organic Times was established in 1999 by cousins, Lawrence and KC, back in a time when organic products were only found in health-food stores or the health-food aisle of the supermarket.
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Growing up in inner-city North Melbourne, they spent most of their youth at the Queen Victoria Market and their family’s grocery store, wherein sparked their passion for quality food. 

They then held senior positions in a leading Australian health food company, which gave them insight into the industry. They learnt the benefits and necessity of eating organic foods and desired to focus on an ethical, sustainable business.

With their knowledge and passion for quality food, it only seemed natural to venture out on their own. They established a trusted household brand known for making organic products for everyday people like us, who are mindful of the environment and good health. Organic Times values food as one of life’s great privileges and pleasures; where sustainable food and amazing flavour is paramount.

We dreamt of bringing a more natural, organic alternative to the confectionary market. With just enough capital and loads of passion, that dream came true.
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Ever since inception in 1999, it has been our mission to provide a premium quality, better-for-you version of your favourite pantry staples and indulgent yummy treats. We all enjoy sweets from time-to-time, and we want you to enjoy the simple pleasures of food without harmful chemicals, GMOs and artificial preservatives and additives. 

In providing quality pantry and treats, we believe in building lasting relationships while engaging in environmentally sustainable practices. The farmers and producers we work with, both locally and our international fair-trade partners, care about natural cycles and use true, sustainable farming and production methods to work in harmony with nature.

Organic agriculture and production is not just healthy for you, it’s vital and environmentally beneficial to the natural eco-system of our planet. 

Take a look at our ethical, sustainable, natural and delicious range!