Community Projects 2020

packets of honey macadamias in a box

2020 has been a turbulent year that has tested us on many levels, both as individuals and as a business.  Like many, we have felt the uncertainty, sadness and fear associated with the Australian Bushfires during the summer, to the current World health and economic crises due to Covid19.

We are one of the lucky businesses who stayed open during the lockdown.  And despite the drop in sales, increase safety measures, and changes to our working conditions, we are continually grateful that we offer products people love and need.

During this period, we have had to be proactive and innovative for the survival of our business. This time has made us reflective and appreciative of how lucky we are.  To show our appreciation and to give back to our community, we have ventured into numerous community projects to do our bit too.



While many Australians have stayed home to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other essential services like us, have been able to go to work in safe and protected environments; our more exposed, hard-working nurses, doctors, hospital cleaners and administrators have continued to protect and care for people in our communities.

To show our gratitude, and respect, Organic Times have partnered with Wodonga Park, our generous and amazing Australian organic macadamia farmer, supplier for our chocolates and cookies; to create these “thank you hugs in a packet” for the brave and hardworking healthcare professionals for keeping us safe.

We have collaborated to donate these delicious crunchy treats of Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts to healthcare facilities across Victoria.

We have been able to say thank you to the following locations:

honey macadamias in a box
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • The Alfred Hospital
  • Knox Hospital
  • Maroondah Hospital
  • Geelong Hospital
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Epworth Hospital Box Hill
  • Eye & Ear Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Dorevitch Pathology
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Holmes Glen Hospital
  • Peter James Centre
  • Monash Medical Centre
  • St Vincent’s Hospital
  • North Park Private Hospital
  • McKenzie Aged Care
nurses and doctors holding packets of macadamias from organic times

“Everyone loved the macadamias and were very appreciative of your generosity. Thank you. It lifted the spirits at work.”

J.W. (Royal Children’s Hospital)
nurses and paramedics holding packets of macadamias from organic times

“I distributed the honey roasted macadamias to the staff on duty in the operating room here at MONASH.  Everyone was chuffed with the thoughtful donation from Organic Times.

We are all very appreciative that your company wanted to recognize, support, and thank all of us frontline healthcare workers at the moment. Again, a big thank you from all the team in the Operating Suite (Doctors, nurses, technicians, and cleaners) at Monash Medical Centre Clayton.”

Jules x
(Anaesthetic & Recovery Clinical Nurse Specialist)



Back in March/April, when toilet paper was a precious commodity and hand sanitiser non-existent, Organic Times partnered with long-time friends Corowa Distilling Co (craftsmen of whisky and more) to bring Australian made 70%+ alcohol based liquid sanitiser to our customers.  

Due to world-wide shortages and restrictions in logistics, ingredients and packaging were hard to source and expensive to buy.  Luckily, with our resources and amazing relationships, we were able to make enough hand sanitiser for our own use and for our customers at an affordable price.  The initiative was to help with the ongoing public demand, to supply our health food stores and to generate income for us while business was tough.

instagram images of sanitiser stockists



Around Easter time, the researchers and team of The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, were working hard in response to COVID19.  All their staff were working tirelessly around the clock and in a high-risk environment, day after day to help our country.

To show our appreciation for their efforts, we delivered 12 cartons (more than 150 boxes) of Easter Eggs and Bunnies to the good people of the Doherty Institute in Melbourne. Simply to say Thank You and Happy Easter!

cassie from organic times holding boxes of easter chocolates

Dear Organic Times

On behalf of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, I want to thank you for your amazing generosity in the donation of so many Easter eggs and bunnies. Our staff have been working incredibly hard for several months now, and to see the smiles on their faces yesterday was just priceless. thank you so much for thinking about us. When we can meet again, we would love to repay the favour and give your team a tour of the Institute. Until then, please stay safe and continue to be so kind.



Mitcham Community Meal is an amazing community group in our local area of Melbourne, that provide a warm meal and company for those in need. They provide these dinners with the assistance of different local club, business, or church group to people in the Mitcham community.  For Easter Sunday, we donated Organic Chocolate Easter Eggs to be given to the homeless as gifts, as well as pantry ingredients to help make brownies for their dessert.

Thanks so much for thinking of us and providing your wonderful donations.
The Easter eggs went out to a select few of our guests as there was not enough to go around to everyone.
Some of the ingredients were used in cooking and some were put into our hampers that we gave to those who are struggling. We really appreciate your kind heart towards our guests.