Hot Weather Protection

Chill packs and metalised bubble wrap in a foam box

We want to ensure you receive your organic chocolate in optimum condition when ordering from us online.

Chocolate is obviously sensitive to heat so to protect your order during transit in the warmer months, and to the warmer climate areas, we have a ‘Protection Pack’ available to purchase at the checkout.

Our Protection Pack includes a chilltainer box (thermal insulated, eco-friendly), an iced gel pack and it’s all wrapped up in metallic bubble wrap.

We highly recommend you purchase this pack for Easter and during the months of October – April to ensure the safe transit of your chocolates. This pack is also available year-round for you to order if you are in hot weather climates.

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for heat affected chocolate if a Protection Pack has not been purchased. See more information on our Shipping page.

Thank-you for your understanding.


At Organic Times we believe in sustainability. We’d like to share some handy ideas for the re-use and recycling of the packaging materials:


  • Use this to line a bag to create a thermal insulation when transporting perishable items from the market or health food store.
  • Use it to post your own perishable items or even to post Organic Times chocolates to family or friends.

2. Iced Gel Chill Pack

  • The chill packs we use are suitable to freeze and refrigerate and can be melted and refrozen up to 7 times. Keep them in the freezer for when you need an icepack to keep your grocery shopping cool, in your Summer picnic basket or esky, or work lunchbox.
  • The LDPE outer bag is 100% recyclable with other soft plastics. The non-toxic sodium polyacrylate gel inside means they are safe to use with food.

3. Chilltainer Box

  • Chilltainer Thermal Packaging is an eco-friendly solution for transporting perishable foods. Made from corrugated cardboard, they’re durable, thermally efficient and help keep items cooler while in transit.
  • Made from over 95% renewable paper fibre, they eliminate the economic and environmental costs of polystyrene/EPS, and can be recycled with your other household recyclables.

Recycle your Chilltainer box… or you could reuse it for:

  • Storage: lego, stationery, toys, etc.
  • Groceries holder for your car. Add your chill pack and keep your perishables stable, cool and fresh.
  • Transport fragile items.
  • Donate them via Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.
  • Planter box for growing seedlings.  


We’ve put together some simple tips for storing and protecting your chocolate, especially during the warmer months.

Learn how you can best preserve the taste, look and texture of your chocolates.


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