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Organic Times Chocolate Range

Organic Times Chocolate Range


Experience chocolate like never before . . .

We import the finest European organic, fair-trade, couverture chocolate for use in our local manufacturing. Couverture is a high quality chocolate because it contains extra cocoa mass and cocoa butter, which is the native fat of the cocoa bean. When tempered, couverture chocolate has a lush sheen, a mellow and creamy flavour, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Our chocolate is made especially with unrefined, lower-GI rapadura sugar, which gives our chocolate its unique, pleasing, caramel-like flavour. Our cacao beans are from the Dominican Republic while our rapadura and cristallino sugars are from Brazil.
We offer a semi-sweet 55% dark chocolate, 35% milk chocolate, and a creamy white chocolate. Although white is technically not chocolate because it contains no cocoa mass, we use the same fine-quality cocoa butter as our other chocolate. We are also in the process of creating a super-rich 70% dark chocolate in bulk blocks for baking and tempering, which will be in retail stores in the near future. We use no artificial additives, just pure organic ingredients.


Our signature range is our original line, which was first developed 17 years ago this month! We coat quality, organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, such as almonds, macadamias, sultanas, ginger and our luscious licorice. You can enjoy the same quality chocolate in our scrumptious range of home-style cookies, or even on their own as Choc Drops from our organic pantry range. And last but not least, our cute and colourful Little Gems are fruity, sugar-coated choc drops perfect for kids and adults alike. They can be enjoyed as a simple sweet treat or used as delightful decorations for your creative baking.


Be conscious in your decisions and treat others the way you wish to be treated. That is our ethos. We offer you treats that are tasty, kinder to the environment, ethically produced, and will have you coming back for more!
We use no palm oil whatsoever. Not even so-called sustainable palm oil. Palm plantations destroy the natural rainforest and habitat of orangutans and their fellow forest dwellers, including all the micro-organisms imperative to healthy soils and ecosystems. They allow no biodiversity which is naturally very bad for our environment. Even our packaging is sustainable. We use biodegradable plastic and 100% recycled board for you to further recycle.
We only use fair-trade (where applicable) and 100% certified organic ingredients. You can read more about our certifications by following the links below.
Certified Organic


2016 sees us expanding our chocolate range with the recent release of our dark and milk Rocky Road bars, and after much anticipation we now release our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Licorice.
It’s now time to get cracking on our new Plain Choc-Bars before setting our sights on mastering Choc-Honeycomb and Choc-Snow Mallows.

Watch this space…

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