Organic Times Popping Corn

A bowl and a bag of organic popcorn

A bag and bowl of Organic Times popcorn kernels

Homemade Organic Popcorn.

With popcorn being the snack of choice over the past few years, it’s not surprising there are so many brands and varieties available on the market today. The real surprise is why are we grabbing our popcorn off the supermarket shelves when it’s one of the easiest snacks to make ourselves?

Unlike most supermarket brands, our Organic Times Popping Corn is certified organic; meaning that it has been farmed and harvested using natural and sustainable farming methods to work in harmony with nature and is FREE from the use of nasties such as herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, chemicals and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Making your own means you can avoid exposure to artificial flavourings, colourings or additives. Here a few methods and recipes to get you going:

How to make popcorn

On the stove

If you like your popcorn with butter, then you can’t go past the stove top method using our Ghee – organic clarified butter.
Cooking with ghee is a better choice than using standard butter because it allows for a higher heat ideal for popping corn. Only 2 ingredients needed and plus whatever you choose to top your popcorn with!

  1. Heat 1 tablespoon of Organic Times Ghee in a large heavy-based pot, over high heat
  2. To test, add 3 kernels to the pan and cover. Once kernels pop, add 1 cup of OT kernels
  3. Shake pot occasionally: keep over high heat until popping slows.
  4. Remove from pot and add your favourite toppings, spices or seasonings.

In the microwave

If you’re looking for a no-mess and fat free method for cooking popcorn, try cooking in the microwave. Cooks in no time and with no oily dishes to clean

  1. Place approximately 3 tablespoons of our popping corn/corn kernels into a brown paper lunch bag and fold the top of the bag over, close the opening and scrunch tightly
  2. Place paper bag in the in microwave and cook for 2 minutes on high. It will take approximately a minute and a half before popping will start.
  3. The popcorn is ready once the intervals between popping slows to about 5 seconds. Turn off the microwave if the timer hasn’t gone off and allow the popcorn to rest for a minute to cool
  4. Remove the bag from the microwave and open carefully
  5. Top with your choice of spices or seasonings

organic times homemade popping corn ingredients

Recipe and topping ideas

Salty popcorn – butter and salt. The original and the best. If you like your popcorn buttery, place the desired amount of Organic Times Salted Butter in the microwave and melt before adding to your popcorn to ensure a nice, even coat of butter through your popcorn. Then sprinkle on Himalayan sea salt.

Sticky & sweet popcorn – If you like your popcorn sweet, you can’t go past our Caramel Popcorn recipe; made with our very own Rapadura Sugar and Butter.

Savoury popcorn – Check out this BBQ Popcorn recipe by @shelleygoodeats.

a bowl of organic times BBQ popcorn