Rapadura Sugar – The healthier sweetener

A child holding sugar cane

A bowl and box of Organic Times Rapadura Sugar

Rapadura is the Portuguese name for unrefined dried sugar cane juice.

Benefits of Rapadura

The benefits of Rapadura Sugar are many. In fact, we can’t think of one reason not to make the switch from white refined sugar to Rapadura.

Rapadura is an unbleached and unrefined whole cane sugar that distinguishes itself by its high mineral content of more than 1.5%. Such minerals include: vitamin C, iron, and magnesium.
White (refined) sugar removes the nutrient-dense molasses during the refining process and has more sucrose, whereas the Rapadura sugar has less sucrose than refined sugar because of the remaining molasses. This gives Rapadura a low GI: that long and slow release of energy into your body.

How to use and enjoy Rapadura

It’s simple! Use in place of sugar 1:1. Use Rapadura to enhance your everyday food and beverages as well as a sweetener for cooking and baking. Here are a few quick serving ideas:

  • Use Rapadura instead of sugar when baking, or to sweeten coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
  • Dissolve in hot water with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy a winter energy booster. In the warmer months, use cold water.
  • Mix fresh mint leaves, lime juice and Rapadura to sparkling water to make a mocktail mojito.
  • Sprinkle on top of grapefruit and grill until bubbling, or combine with cinnamon on toast.

See our Recipes page for baking inspiration.

Rapadura is one of our staples

The essential ingredient in our coverture milk and dark chocolate is our Rapadura Sugar. This also includes the chocolate used in our selection of cookies. We’ll never skimp on quality! The ingredients we use to make our final products are the very same high-quality ingredients that we sell to you individually. You can be assured that when you are buying an Organic Times product, it is 100% certified organic, made from fair-trade ingredients where possible, and free from palm oil, GMOs and anything artificial.
We are proud to say that our Rapadura was the winner of the People’s Choice Awards in the Food Category of 2016 in the Good Organic Gardener Magazine. Click here to read more.

A child holding sugar cane

How is organic sugar cane harvested and processed?

Our Rapadura is farmed in Brazil! Our Hand-In-Hand fair-trade partners Rapunzel grow our sugar cane organically and is processed the least out of all sugars. The sugar cane is harvested by hand with a machete and then cleaned and chopped up. It is pressed several times to extract the juice, which is then evaporated at low temperatures (under 40°C) in open vats until it thickens, which means all the goodness remains. The thick syrup is dried, then ground, and finally sieved to give the fine grains of Rapadura. This creates a rich, caramel flavour to anything it’s added to, such as your baked treats, desserts, cooking & sauces.

Rapadura sugar is better for our planet

The sugar cane leaves are cut from the stalk and left on the field as green manure, so there is no use of pesticides, and harvesting is facilitated as only the stalks are left standing. Unlike the common practice in conventional agriculture, organic farmers refrain from burning the fields before harvesting, which means compostable material is preserved and used again. Organic cultivation thus not only protects useful micro-habitats and the environment, but also ensures that rich organic substances are fed back into the nutrient cycle.

Start to enjoy the benefits of Rapadura today. BUY NOWCup of Organic Times Rapadura Sugar