‘Raw’ or ‘Baked’ it is still a Treat!

A child hands full of Little Gems

A Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with Little Gems on top

How do you make a cake?

Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla, add in the eggs then gradually mix in flour and milk, and place it in the oven…. Except now it is all cashews and dates (but not just standard dates, it has to be medjool) and there is no baking involved. There has been a rise of the healthy desserts but that doesn’t mean that they are any superior to a traditional cake. They still contain sugar, and are still high in calories, in essence they are still just meant as a treat.

If you like the traditional baking or the new age stuff, it doesn’t matter. Using caster sugar, dates or maple syrup to sweeten your cake or biscuits is still using sugar. It is all broken down the exact same way in your body, into small glucose molecules that are used as energy. We are surrounded by information about what we should eat, what we shouldn’t eat, but what we forgotten is how to enjoy the food we eat and where it comes from.

Instead of focusing on what type of ingredients are used in a sweet treat we need to draw our attention back to the quality of the ingredients we use, and why we eat cake in the first place. Knowing where your ingredients are sourced can help you to ensure the quality, which is not only vital for the taste, but also benefits the environment.

A sweat treat is just that a treat.

However, the main thing to remember when we eat is to enjoy it. It is something to be savoured, something to be appreciated and most of all something to be eaten in moderation. Just because something is on trend and labelled as clean or raw, doesn’t make it any healthier. It is still a sweet cake or slice that should be enjoyed in a celebration with family, friends on occasion.

A child's hands full of Little Gems

Words like ‘guilt’, ‘clean’ and ‘whole’ are not words that should be used to describe food. That is unless you have cleaned a potato or have a ‘whole’ cake in your hands. This language insinuates that we should feel guilty for eating something that contains, gluten, white sugar or dairy but in the end, these are just foods. We need to draw ourselves back to develop a healthy relationship with food. Eat healthy, nourishing food 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time, allow yourself to live a little and treat yourself to that cake or burger.

Focus on the quality and how the ingredients are made opposed to cutting out what makes a treat a treat. Because, in the end cake is cake, whether it is raw or baked, made with white sugar or dates and it should be eaten and enjoyed!

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