Sam at Wholesome Patisserie

Sam of Wholesome Patisserie

Sam at Wholesome Patisserie is the super talented curator of many of the recipes that showcase our pantry products.
We ask Sam a few questions about where her love of baking comes from and why Christmas is her favourite time of year.

How did your love for baking begin?

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed baking. I grew up being around my Mum and Nan and they would always be baking and cooking in the kitchen. I would always choose the food subjects in school, especially high school. I’m a ‘hands on’ learner, so I would take any chance I could get to participate in food related classes in school. Since then, I haven’t stopped baking!

Why is Christmas your favourite time of year?

Christmas is my favourite time of year because it’s just so magical. Everyone is always happier at Christmas time. The music, the food, just the whole atmosphere surrounding Christmas is magical. The food excites me too, fruit cakes, mince pies, shortbreads, Pavlova, just to name a few.

How do you like to spend your time during Christmas?

At Christmas time I like to spend time with my family and baking Christmas recipes whilst listening to Christmas carols on repeat. I decorate the entire house with Christmas decorations and nag my family to put up the Christmas tree before it’s time. On Christmas day, my whole family gathers to one of our houses to celebrate and have a Christmas lunch feast.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your recipes from?

For my recipes, I get inspiration from many places. There are many old family recipes that I like to re-create and share on my blog. I draw inspiration from other food bloggers, my Instagram friends and Pinterest. To be honest though, recipe ideas just pop into my head daily. I love baking and I’m constantly thinking of new fun and delicious recipes to make.

What is it you love so much about Organic Times?

I love Organic Times for their organic products! From organic butter, organic icing sugar, organic cocoa powder and more. You just don’t always find organic products on your normal supermarket shelves. When you bake with organic ingredients, you feel less guilty when you’re enjoying the final product. It’s healthier for our bodies and better on our environment. I also love the people over at Organic Times!

Tips for a successful Christmas day/party/event

My top tips for a successful Christmas day or party would have to be preparation and organization so everything runs smoothly. Decide on what you’re going to bake/cook for the day and if you must prepare that before time, do so. Ensure that you have also catered for everybody from food allergies to dietary restrictions, so everyone can enjoy their Christmas day. Check out some of Sam’s creations on our Christmas Recipes collection.

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