The Best Caramel Sauce Recipe

a bowl of the best caramel sauce

Don’t you love it when you find that special recipe that you go back to again and again, because it’s an easy crowd please?

Well we have one better! Our Caramel Sauce Recipe is not only a simple to make favourite for all, it’s a versatile recipe that we’ve used time and time again in many of our delicious recipes- Slices, Popcorn, Tarts and more.

There are many ways you can use this deliciously creamy caramel sauce. Drizzle over ice-cream, whipped cream or even some apple slices. If you’re like us, you may just eat it straight from the pot! Be sure to allow it to cool first.

Rapadura Sugar makes the best caramel!

Organic Times Rapadura Sugar is organically grown pure sugar cane juice. It is processed the least out of all sugars. The sugar cane is pressed several times to extract the juice, and evaporated at low temperatures. Because of this, all the goodness remains in the sugar. The remaining molasses creates a rich, caramel flavour, which makes the most delicious caramel sauce.

Best Caramel Sauce Recipe



  1. Place the rapadura sugar, butter and cream into a medium-sized saucepan
  2. Stir mixture until butter completely melts
  3. Bring mixture to the boil then boil for 1 minute, whilst stirring
  4. Pour mixture into mixing bowl and add vanilla extract
  5. Whip with beaters for 3 minutes until the sauce thickens
  6. Serve immediately or pour into a glass jar and store in refrigerator

Note – Caramel Sauce will set and harden once cooled, so you will need to reheat before serving.

Salted Caramel Sauce

To make salted caramel sauce; follow the steps above and add 1/2 tsp salt when you add the vanilla.

rows of salted caramel sauce tarts

Recipe inspiration for your Caramel Sauce:

Rapadura Sugar is Fair-trade Certified.