The Countdown to Christmas Giveaways

Organic Times products and Zen Wonders Matcha

Once again, we’re kicking off the countdown to Christmas with a giveaway each week leading up to Christmas.

*** This competition is now closed. ***

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Our first giveaway is the perfect prize/gift for the Cook/Baker in the family. The pack includes the latest release from our good friend Jude Blereau Wholefood Cooking. Wholefood From The Ground Up is a cookbook designed for healthy wholefood living that doesn’t mean going hungry. PLUS, a collection of Organic Times pantry staples.

Organic Times products and Jude Blereau cookbook

The Countdown to Christmas continues…

And this one’s a beauty! We’ve teamed up with fellow passionate Australian organic brand – EverEscents Organic Hair Care. Sharing our philosophy in using only safe and natural ingredients, our commitment to animal welfare & not using palm-oil. Furthermore our pride in producing quality and ethical products, makes this prize pack is a perfect combination.

Organic Times and Everescents products

The Countdown to Christmas continues…

Just like us, if you’re a fan of Matcha, Mallows and Macadamias, you’ll love our MMM Giveaway. Mmmmmm…..
The winner of our Mmm Giveaway will be able to forget about the stress of Christmas, sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of Zen Wonders Matcha tea or Matcha Hot Chocolate with our Vanilla Mallows. All wrapped up in a nifty cooler bag that’s perfect for carrying your lunch or your organic goodies.

Organic Times products and Zen Wonders Matcha

The Countdown to Christmas finale.

Our final Giveaway for Christmas 2017 celebrates the new parent. Together with the acclaimed and wonderful AROMABABY, we have a special goodies pack offering something special for bub and the lucky yet tired parents. This pack offers decadent Organic Times chocolates and gourmet cookies, and also organic-rich baby skincare products by AROMABABY.
The perfect gift for yourself or friend.

Organic Times and Aromababy products