Tips for an Eco-friendly Easter

Children with our planet Earth

We truly believe in sustainability: reducing and recycling our packaging by using simple, minimal, recycled and biodegradable materials. You can reduce your environmental impacts by reusing or recycling packaging and avoid wasting food. Here are some tips to help you and your family, enjoy an eco-friendly Easter:

Children with our planet Earth

    • Look for chocolate with the least amount of packaging.
    • We use minimal packaging to reduce environmental impacts.
    • Creative people can reuse foil or cardboard for artwork, projects or decorations.
    • Why not upcycle packaging to local kindergarten or school… interesting waste is always welcome.
    • Cardboard packaging with clear plastic windows such as ours goes into the recycling bin.
    • Yes, foil is recyclable, too!
    • Loose foil is too small to be captured at the recycling centre, so scrunch foil wrapping into the size of a cricket-ball before recycling.
    • Keep a bowl that everyone places their foil into, so you can collect a significant amount to recycle.
    • All our packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

So, think before you throw. Our planet is getting fuller and more waste is accumulating as time goes by, so please keep waste out of landfill as much as possible. We’d love to see how you reuse or recycle your waste, or just hear from you in general, so don’t forget to follow us on social media.

You can check information about recycling and waste services offered by your council: Recycling Near YouAustralian Recycling Logo

Recycled Easter Egg FoilWhy not try making a Roly-Poly!

Turn your Easter egg foil into a colourful Roly-Poly to catch your family and friends by surprise! The unexpected movement of these foil toys is simple physics. Basically, using a marble and some aluminium foil, the Roly-Poly flips using momentum.
You can find out how to make them below:

  • After devouring your deee-licious Easter treat, smooth out the aluminium foil using the flat of your fingernail.
  • Roll the foil around your finger (or a thick pen) to make a long tube, just wide enough to fit a marble.
  • Firmly pinch the ends of the tube to trap the marble within,forming the beginnings of your Roly-Poly.
  • Place into a rectangular container — you’re about to perform some nifty ‘panel-beating’.
  • Shake the container from side-to-side to ensure your Roly-Poly collides against the walls, repeatedly. Each impact ensures the marble ‘panel-beats’ the inside of the foil, in time, creating a beautifully smooth capsule. This is your Roly-Poly!
  • On an inclined surface, your Roly-Poly will, ‘roly-poly’ down in an unlikely way! As the marble rolls downhill within the capsule, it reaches the capsule‘s end, causing the capsule to flip over while the marble rolls further down, flipping the capsule with the momentum.

Australian Native Tree SeedlingWhy not plant a tree!

This Easter, help green up your home, it will not only help provide habitat and food for all kinds of animals, creatures and birds; it will also create even more hiding spots for an Easter egg hunt next Easter!