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Product Information

We love supporting local organic farmers and do our best to source Australian organic ingredients, however this is not always possible. Our mandate above all is to provide our customers with the best quality certified organic products available. Visit individual products for more information on the origins of ingredients.
We love using couverture chocolate because it is a very high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than cooking or most eating chocolate. It is made using a traditional Swiss recipe resulting in a more decadent and smooth, premium chocolate. Not only does it taste better, it looks better too!
Chocolate needs to be stored in temperatures between 14 and 20 degrees Celsius. In order to retain the freshness of your chocolate after purchasing, ensure you keep it in a dry, cool, cupboard away from the light and strong smells.
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It is possible to purchase our products from a range of outlets including our Online Store, organic/health food shops, speciality and gourmet retailers, independent supermarkets and department stores. Visit our stockist page for more information or please Contact Us to find your nearest stockist.
Due to the fragile nature of our Butter we unfortunately cannot deliver in non-refrigerated transport. Please Contact Us for your nearest stockist.
Yes! The dairy cows that produce our butter graze on 100% certified organic grass. The organic milk used to make our dairy products come from certified organic farms throughout the North Island of NZ. The certified organic herds have a range of cow breeds with each farmer free to choose the breed that best suits their farming operations. Across NZ the breed percentages are 40% of cows are Holstein Friesian, 38.9% are Holstein Friesian x Jersey Cross breeds and 12.4% Jersey. See our Butter Blog for more information.
Organic Times define “raw food products” as food products that have not been treated with temperature exceeding 43°C during a product’s entire manufacturing process. And when it comes to our humble organic and fair-trade cocoa bean, turning this super ingredient into cocoa powder and chocolate, the process does exceed 43°C on numerous occasions. Whether it be at the early stages of fermenting the beans in wooden crates, to drying them in the tropical sun and then roasting, the processes involved exceeds the defined raw temperatures. All these stages are important steps to ensure better aroma, flavour and overall quality of our cocoa powder and chocolate. The roasting of the beans not only intensifies the colour and flavour but also kills germs on the cocoa bean before its milled into cocoa powder and conched and melted into chocolate. It is due to these higher temperatures involved in the processing of our cocoa beans, that we do not refer to our cocoa powder and chocolate as “raw”. See our blog article Cocoa Vs Cacao – What is the difference? for more information.

Shipping And Payment

You can pay for your order by using your Paypal account, or we also accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. We are now accepting Afterpay online. Please see our Pay with Afterpay page for more information.
All orders placed will be dispatched the following business day.
We offer Free parcel post delivery to Melbourne metro postcodes with a minimum spend of $50 and a FREE local pick-up option from our office in Bayswater, Vic. All other delivery rates are determined by metro and regional areas of each state. Please see Shipping page for more information.
We use Australia Post parcel post for majority of our online orders. We may use Blue Star Logistics for heavier, bulkier orders. You will receive a shipping email notifying you of what service your order is being sent.
We ship all products to all states of Australia except for chocolate products to N.T. from October to March. We strongly recommend you purchase a HOT WEATHER PROTECTION PACK at the checkout during these months, for a small fee of $5 to keep your order safe. Please go to our BLOG page for more information and suggestions for re-use of packaging.
Please see table on our Shipping page for delivery time frames.
We currently do not have an international function on our website. However, we can offer this service direct. Simply email our online store to enquire.

Food Service

Yes, you can! Please Contact Us and we will put you in touch with your local distributor whom will be able to provide you information on pricing and ordering requirements.
Yes! Simply Contact Us and we can email it to you.
At this stage, we only offer our products to our manufacturers. If you are interested in our bulk lines please Contact Us for further details


In a nutshell, Organic means a product that has been grown, harvested, manufactured or produced without the harsh treatment of pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification or chemical fertilizers, and animals are free of antibiotics and artificial hormones. Thus contributing to the planet by using sustainable agricultural practices. All Organic Times products have met the specific standards that are required to obtain a certification from NASAA. Giving you the consumer, the peace of mind that the product you have purchased is 100% certified organic. For more information – head over to our Certified Organic page.
Fair-trade is essentially about better working standards for people in developing countries. It ensures the farmers and workers are not exploited by offering better trading conditions and rights to producers and workers. For more information – head over to our Fair Trade page
Organic Times does not support the use of GMO’s in food. As all our products are 100% certified organic, you can be assured there are no GMO’s in our products.
Our products have always been free of palm oil and we are proud to say we are now POI approved. For more information - head over to our Palm-oil Free & Approved blog.