Salted Butter

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Organic Times 100% Grass-fed, Certified Organic Salted Butter. Gently churned from the cream of well-tended, free-range dairy cows that graze on organic pasture all-year round. We believe this makes a difference not only in the cow’s welfare, the planet and our health but also the end result that we can enjoy – taste.

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Organic Times 100% Grass-fed Salted Butter. Made in New Zealand from free-range dairy cows that graze only on grasses 365 days of the year.

Our organic, grass-fed salted butter has a rich, full-bodied flavour and creamy texture. The perfect choice as a spread or garnish. A pure ingredient, that you can use in cooking, baking and making confectionery. Add it to your veggies or baked potatoes with some fresh herbs; make your own garlic bread; or simply spread onto fresh bread. So delicious!

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Nutrition Information

Salted Butter
per 10gper 100g
Energy (kJ)3033030
ProteinTotal (g)<0.10.6
Fat -Total (g)8.181.0
Carbohydrates -Total (g)<0.10.6
Sodium (mg)


(in order of amount of ingredients): *Cream, Sea Salt

*Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs.

8 reviews for Salted Butter

  1. Joanne (verified owner)

    Delicious taste and so many vitamins!!

  2. N. Larsen (store manager)

    Its the only product that i love and adore

  3. Nicole (store manager)

    Always tastes so amazing

  4. Sharyn (store manager)

    i adore this butter – it tastes great and the whole family love that it is organic.

  5. Tara (store manager)

    Love it just like good old fashioned butter made by Grandma after milking

  6. john (store manager)

    Delicious,light and filling

  7. Ben (store manager)

    The smoothness of butter with a hint of salt. Sublime.

  8. P. Shaw (store manager)

    This is one of the best organic, salted butters on the market in Australia. It would be great to see it become more readily available in selected supermarkets

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