Meet Annabelle Lambie

Annabelle Lambie in a florist in Japan
annabelle lambie standing in a florist

Meet Annabelle Lambie – Australian-born graphic artist, native floral enthusiast and the designer of our Chocolate Medley Giftbox range.

It was always a desire of ours, to take our amazing chocolates and create giftboxes, for that extra special occasion; so with Annabelle’s background in graphic art, her passion for native florals and a healthy addiction to our divine organic chocolates, Annabelle is without a doubt, the perfect artist for us.

We love Annabelle’s generous, kind and adventurous heart, and we are so proud to share this project with her.

A shared admiration for all things sustainable, ethical, natural and delicious is what brought Annabelle and Organic Times together. So we asked her a few questions about her passion and love for all things natural and delicious!

Tell us a little about your background and where the creativity in you first began.

Tell us a little about your background and where the creativity first began.

I loved art in school, it was my favourite subject, but I always dreamed of becoming an architect. My dad took me to UQ design school open day when I was about 7 and I saw the models and creativity that went into it and I knew that was what I wanted to be doing. 

After school I was accepted into Landscape Architecture which is used a lot as a stepping stone into Architecture (which was my plan) but after my first year I realised that landscape was where I wanted to be. I have always been surrounded by nature, I grew up in Brookfield, which back when I was young was a bushy suburb about 40 mins from Brisbane CBD. We had ducks and chickens and horses next door. I spent my days climbing trees and picking mulberries, totally immersed in nature. 

It was during architecture school that I learnt how to use design programs which I eventually taught myself to use in different ways that allowed me to create vibrant, realistic illustrations and artworks.

What are you most passionate about in life?

I am passionate about nature. Protecting nature, being surrounded by nature and illustrating the organic beauty and wildness of nature in my artworks.

You have a special interest in illustrating Food and Florals (in particular Australian botanicals), where does this stem from?

Because of my love for nature, I have a respect for all things natural. The plants that grow naturally on our land, the imperfections of organic food, it inspires me and my work. Sometimes I use the opposite to play with the idea of superficiality in our society but the works that are raw and natural are always my favourite. 

Organic Times Christmas Chocolate giftboxes

Tells us a little about your move to Japan and how have you been creatively inspired by the Japanese culture/landscape/environment?

Japan is a country of strong culture and tradition. So strangely enough, moving to Japan has really made me question my culture and my attachment to Australia. Being from British/Scottish decent I’ve always called Australia home but never really felt a true connection to the land because of my heritage. Since being in Japan I have come to realise what it means to be part of a culture and for me, being Australian means being connected to the land and all the history, culture and people that come with it, regardless of heritage.

That’s been an exciting realisation for me, and I look forward to using everything I’ve learnt in Japan when I eventually move home to protect the amazing culture we have in Australia. 

Creativity wise, Japan is also an amazing place to experiment with crazy ideas and colours and techniques so I have been able to do that and grow my confidence in what I can do as an artist. 

Do you have a daily or regular ritual you could not live without that’s essential to your creative practice?

Listening to music and getting into nature are the two things I need for inspiration and creativity!

What drew you to work with OT and what’s your favourite OT chocolate?

As an Australian, family run, earth conscious food company, Organic Times are exactly the type of client I was hoping to work with as an artist. I believe in what they are doing, and I was eating their chocolate bullets long before we started working together. They are a company you can trust, and I love working with them and having my artworks on their boxes. It’s something I feel really proud of! 

Chocolate bullets have always been my favourite, followed very closely behind by chocolate macadamias. Then of course the chocolate almonds and the freeze-dried chocolate strawberries! 

Organic Times Milk Chocolate Medley

Our Medleys contain an irresistible collection of our most popular chocolates, presented in an elegant giftbox, designed with beautiful Australian Botanical artwork by Annabelle.

View Chocolate Medley Gift range here.

See more of Annabelle’s work on her Instagram.